Multi-cam live footage of The Saddest Landscape in the Philippines up now

Multi-cam live footage of The Saddest Landscape in the Philippines has been released by the crew that brought them out, Sleepy Boy Collective. The collective even sent us in this heartfelt blurb:

“10 years ago, we were just a bunch of message board nerds who listened to punk bands like The Saddest Landscape in our rooms. With all the twists and turns we’ve taken as people, and as a nascent community of emoviolence-enthused punk kids, December 3 was a night which brought our lives full circle.

This was us, listening to The Saddest Landscape together in a room. Only this time, we were with them. We didn’t miss anyone anymore.”

The video is a collection of various camera angles and audio recorded by Saturnine Audio. The video and audio recording captures the band so well…but it truly is the audience that sets this performance apart. Just wait until the end…

And I don’t want to miss you anymore.

Photo credit Catnip Studios

Video credit Sleeping Boy Collective

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