Have You All Heard This Monstrous Track? Brutal Death Metal Act Deadsquad Slay It [Indonesia]

For real…have you heard this monstrous track by Indonesian technical brutal death metal band Deadsquad?!?!?! It’s IN-FUCKING-SANE. 3 albums in the band have just released this new single off their upcoming full-length ‘Catharsis’ and after listening to it once (and then promptly pressing play again) you fully understand why this band is so well-loved. The band has 959 thousand followers on FB, 296 thousand followers on IG, 56.7 thousand followers on YT…those numbers are MONSTROUS for an Asian band, but that is what our bands SHOULD be getting because the bands fucking rule. Just like Deadsquad.

Go check out the band…stoked to hear the full length!


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