Metallic Hardcore Band Dagger Release New Track Discussing Representation [Hong Kong]

Metallic hardcore band Dagger have released a brand new track entitled Step Back. The song features Summa Li, vocalist of Hong Kong melodic death metal band Escharotic. The track is streaming below and is available for free download on their bandcamp:

The band states:

“This song was written to inspire all of us to think about representation in the underground scene (mainly in Hong Kong but can of course be applied anywhere) by asking the questions:

Is there enough representation?
Is there enough variety in voices/perspectives?
Are we doing enough to change the status quo?
Do we even care?

To make this song really hit home, we invited someone who we truly respect in the underground community, Summa Li of Escharotic, to express her thoughts about her struggles and what this music means to her. Both lyrically and emotionally – she nailed it in one or two takes. While we were researching for this song, we asked some of our closest friends who play in heavy bands in Hong Kong about some of the most ridiculous comments they’ve received from people. Here are a couple of the biggest doozies:

“A girl that sings this type of music is not someone you should marry.”
“This is what I was told when I was trying to find a band to play in: “Play in a band with a girl? No way.”
“I guess you’re a pretty good drummer for a girl.”

There’s also an article up on Metal Hammer regarding these similar types of ridiculous comments which is incredibly worth reading:

We’ve just been asking ourselves, doesn’t the world of heavy music need more interesting and unique voices/perspectives? And that was the catalyst for the lyrics in this song.”

The band’s original vocalist recently departed the band, but they haven’t missed a beat as they just released this track, have 2 more recordings in the works, and will be hitting the following places for shows:

May 25 – Paradisefest Bangkok
May 26 – Opening for Endzweck Bangkok
June 1 – Luzon Hardcore Fest Philippines

Apparently a music video for this song is currently being edited and should be ready in a couple of weeks.

More info on the band here:

Photo Credit: Bryner Tan

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