Metallic Hardcore Band AZERO Give Us Track by Track Breakdown of Sick New EP [Thailand]

Metallic hardcore band A ZERO fucking rule. The band just dropped a brand new sick-as-hell EP entitled ‘Vengeance’ that ticks every goddamn box in the type of hardcore that we grew up on and love. For real, this is as close to the perfect EP we’ve heard in some time.

Vocalist Champ was kind enough to give us a track-by-track breakdown of every song on this EP:

The first song on the EP is something we’ve been working on for a while, but only got around to recording it now. We made some changes to it, and it’s just perfect! The song’s all about the daily struggles of working-class life. You know, life can be like a game sometimes. If you win, you keep going and pushing forward. But if you lose, it’s like game over.

Vengeance was actually the last song we wrote for this EP but it’s like the perfect embodiment of where our band is heading from now on. The lyrics really capture the essence of what we want to convey. The song talks about politics and how those in power often misuse it to oppress ordinary people. You know, the never-ending greed of capitalists and how the powerful try to monopolize everything.

“The song talks about politics and how those in power often misuse it to oppress ordinary people.”

This is a really powerful song that delves into the harsh realities of living under oppression. It’s all about the physical and mental struggles that come with such a difficult existence. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of how the weight of oppression can wear you down over time, like a slow burn. It’s not just about the external pressures but also the internal turmoil that accompanies them.
The song touches on the feeling of hopelessness and despair that can arise from enduring so much pain. It’s a raw expression of how sometimes, life gets so overwhelming that you just don’t want to be a part of this world anymore.

This is the final track of our EP, and it’s got that classic sound we’re known for. The song sends a clear message: nobody knows us better than we know ourselves. We shouldn’t let others dictate our path. What works for them might not work for us, so it’s best to stay away from such influences. Trust our instincts and stay true to who we are.

Champ added, “As a band, we collaborate on musical ideas, discussing riffs, mood, and inspiration. Some songs are already partially written, while others come together during practice. We prioritize organic creativity and don’t force songs. Live performance considerations focus on what works well. Lyrics are written to fit the music, and existing songs may be used when suitable.”

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