Metalcore Band Calibre Release New Single [Iran]

Always stoked to hear bands from scenes outside the areas that we seem to get hit up by all the time. We especially want to show solidarity with scenes where playing heavy music can literally get you thrown in jail. And also from a scene for whom global politics can literally hamper the way they’re able to promote their music.

“We’re A Metalcore band from Iran and Facebook has restricted us from running ads for our new song because our country is under US sanctions.

We can’t reach our audience without ads, so we’re asking the International Metal Community for help to get heard. We’re asking you to share this post listen to the song and tell your friends to share this too, so we can beat the rigged system that’s against us!”

We’re doing that right now! Iranian melodic metalcore band Calibre who started out in 2015 but only recently have released their brand new single ‘…from the abyss’. The band has recently signed to Swedish label Downfall Records who released their debut album ‘The Storm’ in 2020.

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