Metal Veterans Skychurch Re-Release Live Videos [Philippines]

If you’re in a band originally formed in 1990 and you’re still playing and releasing music in 2021, you REALLY should be studying at the School of Skychurch out of the Philippines. These metal veterans have just hit their 31st year as a band and as you can see in the live videos re-released below, the band is still as FIRED up and RELEVANT as they’ve ever been and easily put many contemporary bands who may have just formed in the past couple of years completely to shame.

Vocalist/bassist Russell (the only remaining original member) was kind enough to give us the lowdown about the recording session:

“The live performances were done at the TOWER Session Live which was live-streamed last January 29th of this year. Since live gigs with audiences were not yet allowed, our live set was done at TOWER of DOOM Studio in Quezon City, and what was super cool is that we had over 3,000 people tune in to that livestream”.

You can even hear how the band is able to reinvigorate old tracks like the song ‘Kamao’ above. “One of the songs that we played in the fullest that was particularly exciting to me was ‘Kamao’. That’s one of our older songs – in fact, the song was written back in 1994 and was recorded/released in 1996. But we’ve never had a live video recording of us performing the song. So it really feels super satisfying to be able to watch and listen to that song being played live. It’s such a complex song and it was from back when I was full of angst hahaha…’Kamao’ is ‘fist in English but the original song was called Face Fist but we “tagalized” the name to make it more Pinoy! hahahaha…”

In terms of what’s in the band’s future, Russell was quick to add, “We were supposed to release a 5 song EP when COVID hit the world in 2020. But doing this live streaming performance brought us a great deal of satisfaction because we all missed sharing the stage and performing. As a team, we decided to release the new tracks on the EP as individual singles. We’ve released 2 already (Animus and Moro-Moro) and the third one will be out in August. There is a possibility that we may release all the tracks as a CD EP.”

The songs that have been re-released by Tower of Doom streaming below were originally released in January as one full video. But Russell explained that the audio on these re-released tracks have all been remixed.

Go check ’em out!

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