Metal Band Aftercoma Release Music Video and Official Live Video [Indonesia]

Indonesian metal band Aftercoma have released both a new music video and an official live video in recent months.

On a side note, as a dad with a young daughter – it always brings me a huge smile knowing there are more and more females every day in the world of heavy music. What this representation does is provide our young girls all over the world with a visual of yet another area or path to living their lives the way they want to live it. Like at our house, my daughter has seen so many videos of female skateboarders, female musicians, female vocalists, female bands, ever since she was a toddler that it’s all normal to her. She is unaware of the reality of the more “male-dominated” world of skateboarding and heavy music that the rest of us unfortunately know about.

This is why representation matters. This is why choice matters.

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