Member of organizing committee of Eighties Enough show in the Philippines makes statement

Member of organizing committee of a show entitled Eighties Enough, that featured a bunch of Pinoy punk bands from the 80’s: Collision, Philippine Violators, Wuds, Betrayed and Urban Bandits, has made a statement regarding the barrier incident video that was widely circulated yesterday and that we put up as well. Here’s the link to the video:

Author of this statement is Jep Peligro – someone we highly respect – and is known for his strong writing skills. Even in his statement the clarity of his responses to comments either heard or read online is amazing.

What are your thoughts?

“Alright. None of the team from Lock & Load have officially spoken about this so lemme try to straighten things out.

“Why was there a steel railing seperating the stage/playing bands from the paying crowd? Was this not a punk show, as so billed?”
Where do we start?
1 – It was there for protection. A lot of consideration was made to even have them in the first place. We have to protect the bands. We have to protect the stage and the euipment (rented and borrowed). We have to protect the soundguy and his sound equipment. We have to protect the crowd from hurting each other.

“But, steel railings are unpunk! It’s dumb and corny-ass to have.”
We agree, but we also considered the adverse effect it would have on all things considered that are listed above.

If we remove these dumb and corny-ass barriers, can you say yes to all of the questions below?

1. The barriers were set only almost over a meter apart from a stage that is only less than 2 feet high. What the hell are you being upset about?
And these corny-ass railings are rented and paid for, by the way.
2. Will the crowd be safe and guaranteed not to be hurt in any way? Did you bring your partners and your kids to watch? Is it safe for them, too? If an unfortunate accident did occur, who will you point the blame to? Your partners or kids? Or the production outfit that ran the show?
3. Will the band be safe onstage?

4. Will the band’s equipment be safe onstage?

5. Will the stage be safe?

6. Will the soundguy and his sound equipment be safe?

Why do you have bouncers?”

The bouncers are there to protect the gate and make sure no unruly kid creates trouble.

They are there to protect the steel railings that protect everything else.

“…But bouncers are corny-ass to have.”
Agreed! But how do we help run the show and make sure it is going to be fun for everyone attending without their assistance?
“You expect a production team of 10 people to control a crowd of 100 well-behaved punks plus an additional 150 asshole punks?”
This show was well-thought out and planned way ahead of time. Logistics were planned. If you ever put up a show, small or big, you WOULD understand the headache (and the damage to your pockets) that comes with running one.
We wanted this to be fun for everyone. We did not want assholes to be able to display their high and mighty sense of self-entitlement, their punk high thrones, and their overall asshole attitudes to ruin the night.

The bouncers are required by the venue. No bouncers, no event.
Now, can you punks please tell us where else we can hold our shows?

What the fuck did you expect to happen when you motherfuckers tore down the steel barrier?

Did you not consider the fellas next to you to be hurt in any way?

Who will spend for the damage? Is it you guys?

If some poor fellas had to be hospitalized (Thank heavens there were none, you morons,) who will deal with the nightmare of getting ambulances and shit and running victims to the hospital? Oh, yeah, I forgot. Who will shoulder costs for such?

So before you walk around with your chins up and your punk “We tore down the steel railings at the 80s Enough joint” stars and stripes displayed for all to see, consider this:

You are an inconsiderate asshole and I woulda smacked your punk-asses myself had I not been covering the gate. We don’t expect your scene-illiterate, 2nd grade brains to come up to us and apologize. We just sincerely hope next gig you come to, you’d think twice before doing any stupid shit again. Do not be a royal pain in the ass. That’s the reason IOV wrote one song. Specifically for you guys.
Kudos to Betrayed for being such good sports and continuing their set after having to pause because of this incident. And to the bouncers who exercised maximum tolerance. I cannot imagine myself being nice to one asshole, let alone 150 of them.
To the morons who enjoyed being morons, we all know you. We know your faces. I doubt you can go to another one of our shows with your attitude in tow again.
I don’t believe calling you guys out publicly would change anything. But I hope some kid who reads this post will try to exercise their brain muscles and consider how to return the favor back to show organizers next time they go to one.” is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!