Melodic Hardcore This Good Should Be Shared With The Entire World – Stay Awake [Thailand]

Melodic hardcore band Stay Awake come storming outta the streets of Bangkok and we have been watching this band’s star just continue to grow and shine ever since they burst into our lives. The band has just released a phenomenal new EP ‘Portraits’ that showcases the band reaching a whole new set of heights with better songwriting, better lyrics, INSANELY top-notch production. The band gets hard, gets vulnerable, gets in your face with some socio-political themes as you’d expect from a band that feels like it has all the best parts of bands like Rise Against, Bad Religion, Boysetsfire (the more melodic tracks). With references like that you wouldn’t expect a band to be singing about fucking teenage crushes right?

“Brainwashed and bleached, like a cult, indoctrinated, messiah fraud
You say what you’ve been told, you swallow the code,
Burning and burning, the mob is law”

You guys just keep getting better and better and raising the standards higher and higher for all of us out here in Asia.

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