Math Rock Band Luncheon Release Phenomenal Track From Upcoming Full Length [Philippines]

Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow…speechless. When you see how many people have already shared the video in the short two hours that it’s been out, you can see that this is a very important band.

Check out Philippines based math rock act Luncheon on the first taste of their upcoming full length entitled Ur Shoes. The band was kind enough to send us some awesome information about the release:

“Our upcoming full-length is a 10-track album, titled “Ur Shoes”. We named it as such because all tracks written were experiences through our daily lives and we shared a common denominator as a band. We hoped that our listeners would be able to relate themselves and let each track speak to them as if we were in their shoes or them on ours.

Each track on this EP has a unique taste to it, but can sit well with each other. We don’t even know what genre Ur Shoes is. We’ll let the audience decide on that one. But we’re pretty confident its great Luncheon material.

Ur Shoes is our album 3 years in the making. 2016 was when we wrote our first song, Deadlines. It was initially planned to be an EP with 6 tracks on it, but it felt lackluster. Fortunately, we had more material at that time and decided to finish those, we were able to add 4 more tracks to it.”

The band has announced a record release show on April 13. The bands who will also be taking part are the following: Autotelic, Fools and Foes and Sound Architects.

More info on the show here:

Physical Copies will be available on the day of the launch, but pre-orders are available here:

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