Malaysian Emo Band Playburst Are As Good Live As They Are On Recording – Live Video Up

Goddamn it…we were in Kota Kinabalu when this show was taking place in Kuala Lumpur this past weekend…we contemplated flying to KL just to see this…we didn’t go in the end, we fucking should’ve.

Keep in mind, this is Playburst (a brand new emo band from the musical rich tapestry of Malaysian music)’s DEBUT show…they just dropped their debut EP and the crowd that showed up tot his rooftop show in KL clearly have been listening to it non-stop cause they’re singing along already! And how about that insane drummer?!?!? If he looks familiar, that’s because that’s the guitarist, Tiong, of Malaysian grindcore band Tools of The Trade on the drums.

If you haven’t heard the band’s debut release then peep that shit here:

And if you live in Malaysia (you lucky bastards) – the band already has a slew of dates coming up:

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