Malaysian Band Grayson Call It Quits After 12 Years At It

Malaysian southern rock/metal act Grayson have given 12 years of their lives to their band and scene. The band has recently announced that they have called it quits with the following statement:

“Hi guys.

Not that anyone cares but just to make it official, here to announce that Grayson is no more. For the past 2 years we’ve been struggling to maintain our pacing as a band and it was finally come to conclusion that there are other personal priorities in need to be focus on and it is hard for the rest of the members to be committed on this project. So we all agreed to bid farewell and closing our book for good. Thanks you to all of you!

– Grayson / Prognosis Death (2007 – 2019)

“This is one of the longest band I’ve ever played throughout my journey in this local independent music scene. As one of the “OG’s” and founding members of Prognosis: Death! (since 2007), and now Grayson, this band help me a lot going through phases and making connection with people. Arguably and admitted that this band isn’t as big as others in the scene, but i do hope that even for a tiny bit, the existence of this band along the years has making an impact in someone lives.

I would like to personally thanks to the past members and sessionists, Tom, Fizi, Aron, Izar, Didi, Nik, Aiman Dood, Arab, and Irwan.

Thank you for your contribution, and putting up with me. All of you has been great and i’m nothing without you guys on my back.

And of course, Adee and Azer that stick with me till the end.

All the friends, organizers, bands, photographers, fans and even haters, thank you so much for all the years. T’was great and awesome knowing you guys.

Thanks for all the opportunity, and we’ll keep on swingin'”

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