LAMC Productions backtracks on finding opening band for FFAF gig

LAMC Productions

I’m speechless. So after going through advertising the opening slot, which in turn helped build a buzz for the upcoming Funeral For a Friend show in Singapore, and then actually going through with the auditions meaning getting local bands pumped to be able to open for a HUGE band like FFAF, not to mention how I can imagine some of the bands that took part would be stoked to meet their heroes, today LAMC Productions issued the message above that they will actually not be inviting any opening bands to take part.


Giving them the benefit of the doubt – it could be that FFAF themselves don’t want any opening bands taking part. It could also be that FFAF weren’t aware of this “opening band competition” and so were not psyched on the idea. It could also be that LAMC weren’t overall psyched about the standard of the bands that took part and thus had no choice but to cancel the whole idea all together. Or this…


Whatever the reason is…LAMC, I would think, would have the decency and respect to provide a much lengthier explanation then what they announced above. Way more questions then answers.

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