Korean black metal band Aek Gwi release new album – full stream up now

Korean black metal band Aek Gwi release new album – full stream up now.

“Perhaps the best Black Metal band emerged from South Korea, Aek Gwi upholds the banner of macabre orientalism that only eastern culture can produce. With this second full-length and probably the first one to be majorly recognized, Vhan, the ever creative mastermind took a step further, he assembled an astonishing choir of apparition from eastern kingdoms. With Vhan on instrument, he invited Li Chao, the mastermind behind Chinese horror ambient group Enmity (Enemite) whom gathered a small but zealous group of follower over the years with his classic album Wuyuan, to return to the black metal underground to handle the vocal duty and as producer magician of the entire album. If that’s not enough, the wrathful lady Fumika known for tortuous Japanese doom metal outfit Begrabnis, is on board to supplement her ethereal and haunting female voice. With this musical ensemble they produced an unparalleled work of 3 chaptered eastern ghost story. Borders are now eliminated, dive into the long and often bitterly entwined East Asian history, a never ending hideous dream….

Limited to 100 copies via GoatowaRex on transparent RED vinyl, comes with full color jacket, insert and OBI.”


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