Japanese post hardcore Envy’s full video from Hong Kong show up now…must see.



The best show I have seen in Hong Kong in many many years…Japanese post-hardcore band Envy made their third glorious appearance on our shores a few weeks ago. Today the fine lads behind Live Life No Rules Production house in Hong Kong have put up the full LIVE video from that night for you and everyone to experience…for all of us in attendance, that was an unforgettable night…

The first time I got to enjoy this band live was in 2000…they were much simpler band back then – a few pedals each and ready to launch into their emotionally charged screamo-post-hardcore…the world had NOT caught onto their magic.

Fast forward to today…they are a world renown Asian band and they’re PROUD of that fact. Last year they played at Europe’s infamous Hellfest Music Festival and they were sandwiched between High On Fire and Mastadon. The band is very proud of the fact that an Asian band got top billing at such a renown music festival that year after year features the biggest and most monumental metal/hard rock acts.

We couldn’t agree with them more…Envy is quite possibly one of the most important Asian bands to come out of our world of heavy music.

They’re the best.

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