Japanese Hardcore Punk Band FORWARD Dedicate Song ‘ACAB’ To Hong Kong – Thank You

Woke up yesterday to an amazing message from an independent filmmaker in Tokyo, Tetsuya, who said “Hey man, Japanese hardcore band FORWARD has just released a music video for a song called ‘ACAB’. They edited the video especially for you to use on Unite Asia”.

We were blown away because if anyone knows Japanese hardcore punk history, Forward features members of legendary Japanese 80’s hardcore band Deathside. We had no idea that Forward even knew who we were let alone having a song dedicated to us. But we still wanted to know what the inspiration was…so we followed up with a few questions:

Why did the band choose to dedicate this song to Hong Kong?
“It was very encouraging to see Hong Kong people stand up and fight for freedom in Hong Kong. Though we in Japan might not be in the same boat as Hong Kong, we felt it very much in our hearts. Police violence is absurd and ridiculous. With the ferocity of the assault on victims every day, we felt sorry for not being able to do anything. We are also extremely upset and saddened at the arrest of Miss. Agnes Chow in August, and we became more enthusiastic about the people of Hong Kong. So we thought maybe the least we can do for the people of Hong Kong is something through our music.

We dedicate this song to the people who fight against brutality, and people who believe in humanity. There must be something that can be done and impact change by connecting with humanity wholeheartedly.

We are always with you.


Someone must be cutting onions in our house…

Huge thank you to Ishiya and the guys in Forward for acknowledging our lives this past year and how it just seems to be getting worse. Thank you to anyone anywhere on the planet who is also aware and supporting those of us around the ENTIRE planet fighting injustices against idiotic governments and the police force.

Solidarity with Belarus.
Solidarity with Thailand.
Solidarity with Mongolia.
Solidarity with Chile.
Solidarity with the Philippines.
Solidarity with USA.
Solidarity with Mongolia.
Solidarity with Taiwan.
Solidarity with Xinjiang.


The track comes off the band’s 2018 album Future Troops which you can pick up at this link HERE


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