Japanese Band Sete Star Sept Release New Split 7″

Japan’s SETE STAR SEPT has a neverending stream of music coming out, and this time they team up with Norwegian noise/powerviolence /grindcore/improv duo MONOCHROME NAUSEA. The split has been out on tape for a while on the excellent DESTRUKTOMUZIK label, and now a bunch of labels have pressed it on vinyl.

SETE STAR SEPT serves up 5 crazy noise beasts, and MONOCHROME NAUSEA give you the double amount of improvised noise-grind.

You can order the 7″ through CAKE SODA and the other labels, and the tape version is available through the bands or through DESTRUKTOMUZIK.

Cake Soda also added this:

“Our first real 7″! A split between legendary Japanese noise/grind/punk/hardcore (they call it NUTSCORE) band Sete Star Sept and Norwegian improvisational noise/grind/metal stalwarts Monochrome Nausea. Co-release between Duel Disk Media, Friendly Otter Records, Don’t Live Like Me Records, Kakusan Records, and us here at CAKE SODA!”

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