INTERVIEW: Korean hardcore label Townhall Record’s annual summer party is on!

Townhall Records

My brother Kyu of South Korean hardcore label Townhall Records and vocalist of Korean hardcore band No Excuses has been a massive supporter of my band since day one. He doesn’t do the regular lip service “Yeah man! I support Asian hardcore!” while wearing another US hardcore band’s t-shirt, constantly posting US hardcore band videos/music on his social media…my brother Kyu is the real deal – he is a proud Asian hardcore kid and supports other Asian hardcore scenes with his heart.

So when he’s about to launch something – I’m there, and in turn, so is this website.

A few days ago he started a media blitz promoting his label’s annual summer jam called Townhall Summer Bash. Though it’s been going on every summer since 2011, not a lot of people outside of Korea may be aware of this Korean hardcore event of the summer – so I sent him some questions so you all can be better informed. It also turns out that this little interview and all the resources I linked into it is a great way to get yourself a quick crash course of current Korean hardcore bands.

No Excuses

Owner of Townhall Records
Singer of No Excuse
All round good guy

How long has your summer festival been running and why do you do it every year?
Not that long ago – we started in 2011. So the whole idea of this summer festival is based on the fact that a lot of the Townhall Records bands have full time jobs. It’s hard for us to get away from work and to just be together, so I throw this event together every year as a big party for our bands and friends.

Who are the bands that are taking part this year?

Seoul Mothers

They are one of the pioneers of the Korean hardcore scene. They started way back in 1997 and released a new album last year entitled “Don`t Forget What Your Mother Said”.

Burn My Bridges

They’re a great mid-tempo mosh type of band and are well known in Seoul. Definitely worth checking out!

All I Have

These guys are from Busan City which is far away from Seoul. They are all into old school hardcore with a modern touch.

No Excuses

No Excuse is an old school hardcore band and I’m the singer!

Combative Post

Combative Post is a melodic old school hardcore band that have have appeared on HUGE summer festivals even one with Ozzy Osbourne and Rise Against last year!

Day of Mourning

They are a metal hardcore band that are so talented. They appeared on a festival in Japan called Blood Axe Fest in 2011 with Winds of Plague and For the Fallen Dreams.


Unholy hardcore in the vein of Integrity, Cursed…so good!

Turn For Our

Young kids from Seoul city. Old school hardcore.

Suck Stuff

A punk rock band that has been around for over 10 years. Similar to Social Distortion.

Chain Reaction

Screamo/emotional hardcore in the vein of Touche Amore, Envy.

How is the Korean hardcore scene doing today?
Good and keeping steady with a lot of kids being super involved in booking shows, making zines and so much more. Things are just building and building!

What’s going on with Townhall Records and what releases are you working on?
Yeah we’ve been at it for over 10 years here. It’s hard to keep up the same effort as before because of work and family but everyone’s helping each other out for the good of the scene in Seoul. Our next release will be PARIAH. They’re so good and if you like Deathwish Inc. type of stuff then don’t miss out on this band!

What Asian bands are you psyched on right now?
Too many! I’ve been to Malaysia, Phillipines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and have checked out the hardcore scenes there. Overthrown (Singapore), Monument X (Thailand), Loyal To The Grave (Japan) and finally King Ly Chee (HongKong).

Any last words…
I know you’ve been dedicated to this scene for over 10 years. I still remember that we first contacted each other through email back around 2001/2002! You rule! The scene in Seoul is much bigger and stronger now. The Geeks will join This Is Hardcore Fest 2015 (USA) and many bands here are putting on shows and releasing records. We need to be more connected with other Asian hardcore scenes. Please contact us for anything!

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