Instrumental Act mutesite Release Tracks Off Upcoming Debut Album [Malaysia]

“No words to tell you what to think,
just sounds to guide you how to feel.”

mutesite is an instrumental rock band that narrates stories through lyricless music. The band’s captivating tunes drive listeners on a journey of complex emotions, allowing every individual to paint unique tales with their versatile sounds – both live and on record.

3 years in, the band is finally ready to unleash their debut full length simply entitled re:. The album features 10 intricate tracks, carefully woven into a journey where you re:interpret what you want to re:live, re:minisce, re:play, or re:anything imaginable.

The full length will be available on all major digital platforms on 22nd Feb 2020, and physical copies (CDs and Cassettes) will be released under an exclusive license to Soundscape Records.

For now, go begin the journey with two tracks streaming below…and head out to their record release show:

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