Indonesian hardcore band No Request release lyric video (FFO early CBK)

No Request


Trying not to be too personal when I post on – you know, trying to be a bit professional to show neutrality…however, I am definitely a dude that is passionate about music – especially heavy music – and especially hardcore. SOOOOO – when a band sends in a new video or song and they play a style of hardcore that really gets me excited, it’s hard for me not to throw in my two cents.

Here is a great band from Indonesia called No Request who have just launched a brand new lyric video for the song Time. The best part of this song is that it totally harks back to the first two albums by Comeback Kid…those are the best two albums that CBK have put out in my humble opinion. And so if a band has that vibe, then I’m all ears.

This is a great song with great vocals – and definitely for people who enjoy the CBK, Kids on the Move, Straight Answer style of hardcore…the breakdown in this song is not one that’s going to make you want to break someone’s face, but make you want to bop your head and be stoked on life.

Good job – No Request! Can’t wait to hear the full record when it’s out…

No Request FB:

They’ve also recently re-released a record on Never Trust Records on cassette which you can order from here:

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