Indie Rock Project Tainted Mirrors Drops Timely EP Of Melancholy [Malaysia]

Through our daily social media scouring across all platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., we often come across stuff that was just humbly released into thin air. One such release was by the guitarist of Malaysian hardcore band Krusty – a project that goes by the name Tainted Mirrors. The EP entitled A Place To Be Happy was only released on Soundcloud but as you listen to the music that is infused with melancholic notes and chords along with electronica, you can’t help but feel like this is an ideal soundtrack to the current precarious situation the world is in. Like many of you, Hong Kong (where we’re from) has been dealing with this fucking self-isolation/self-quarantine shit since the end of January. Do know how long of a time that is to be stuck indoors? Schools have been closed here since then. It’s now fucking April.

So…thank you for this EP. It’s perfect for today…

Thank god for music. Thank god for people around Asia like Tainted Mirrors that release music because they feel like releasing it…no other reason. No rockstar fantasies. Just releasing music because they feel like it.

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