Indie Rock Band Release Track Inspired by Face Masks and Wonder Woman [Hong Kong]

Those fuzzed-out guitars got us all giddy over here…

Check out brand new track – the hilariously named ‘關你哋屁事’ by Hong Kong indie-rock/shoegaze band 關勁松的Astrology. According to the band, the entire track was inspired after watching Wonder Woman 2 and coming out of the movie theater to complete emptiness on the streets. This has been the norm for the past couple of years in Hong Kong where every few months the powers that be renew social distancing measures that results in a once-bustling Hong Kong completely emptying out into a ghost town, an empty shell of its former self. The band also uses the fact that we’ve all been wearing face masks in Hong Kong since January of 2020 and how these masks must certainly have impacted romantic relationships in this city. That’s a LOT to pack into one song but they do it so well and so hilariously/touchingly well…and all sung in Cantonese too ❤️! This one section captures the essence of the entire song:

“疫情下的晚上 四周冷清
街燈映照下 我倆發光

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