Indian Extreme Metal Band Heathen Beast Announce Second Video To Be Removed By YouTube

It’s crazy that Indian extreme metal band Heathen Beast has had their SECOND video removed from YouTube, this time the video wasn’t even public yet.

“Our video for the song ‘F*** NPR & NRC’ has been removed from Youtube BEFORE IT WAS EVEN RELEASED!!!!

We had the video uploaded a few hours ago and it was UNLISTED as we planned to release it next week and we just got this message from Youtube.

There was no gory images or footage. Even the cuss word in the title was censored. So not sure what the issue was.

This is the 2nd HB video that Youtube has removed in less than 7 days’ time. First, they removed our song ‘F*** All Religions, Equally’ which had been online for more than 1 year with no issues. But now it’s been flagged and removed.

Like we said, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, But It Will Be Heard’.

The album releases 21st June on and will be a FREE download but you can pre-order if you wish.

Please share and spread the word and let the voice of dissent not die down.”

When the band launches the record – you better be all over it.

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