Immigrindcore Masters Chepang Release New Split 7″ With Racetraitor [Nepal/USA]

Ever since we started this site almost 7 plus years ago, there is a huge plethora of bands that we’ve supported from their humble beginnings and then have seen blossom into fucking highly influential bands. One of them, hands down, is the great double drumming grindcore masters Chepang who feature Nepali immigrants living in the US (hence the amazing label “immigrindcore”).

Hopefully, the band’s name is not new to you…if it is – where the fuck have you been?…so today we’re not doing a full Chepang deep dive. We’re just here to present to you the act’s brand new split 7″ with none other than US political hardcore band Racetraitor. Racetraitor also features members of bands whose parents are immigrants themselves, the label releasing this 7″ 12 Gauge Records is run by a Palestinian immigrant, and thus this marriage between all involved is just a fucking perfect collaboration of people screaming about their lived experiences.

According to Kshitz of Chepang:

“Thanks for taking the time and interest to read this. We have been a fan of Racetraitor for a while now with not only their music but with what they stand for politically. Gobinda, our other drummer, actually filled in for Racetraitor for a couple of shows when Hurley was busy. This is when we started to really connect with each other as a band. We also played a show together for a very good cause after. The split was originally supposed to be a 4-6 band split but we asked Racetraitor if we could do a split with them only. This is how everything started.

Originally it was supposed to come out in 2019, however with all the issues of Covid and also with production delays and plants, the project got shut down. In the end, our dear friend Jihad who runs 12 Gauge Records was kind of enough to unearth this project back out of the tunnel. Our side of the split was recorded with Colin Marston at Menegroth the 1000 Caves during the recording sessions of our last full-length ‘Chatta’. These 2 songs signify a time when we had a lot of things were happening around us whether it be the Trump Era or BLM. The first song “Chalako Rung” translates to ‘Color of the Skin’ and features our friend Vishal Rai of Neck Deep in Filth and Chain ov Dogs, and the second song Gairkanuni “Illegal” speaks volumes about what the songs are about.”

Huge thanks to Kshitz for taking the time to send us all this great info!

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