Horror Metal Band SCARE THE CHILDREN Release New Music Video [China]

Formed in 2014, China-based horror metal band SCARE THE CHILDREN have release a music video for their upcoming full length. The full length is being mixed by none other than Tue Madsen who has done work with Meshuggah, Hatesphere, Sick of it All, Baby Metal, etc. so when you press play on this, you better expect high class production.

The band’s influences musically range from 90s metal acts such as Marilyn Manson but with modern elements ala Gojira, Lamb of God, etc. “We also incorporate elements of horror movies or horror novel like The Pit And The Pendulum by Edgar Allan Poe, hence the costumes and the masks. In fact each member’s costume comes with a background story that we explore on this album. there are also songs about independent horror themes we like. Inside out is about a ghoul who steals the bodies and souls of the people he ate in order to trick more victims, which is represented in the band by the drummer.”

Scare the Children houses a bunch of nationalities in the make up of the band with on Chinese member, three French members, and one Ukrainian.


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