Hong Kong thrash metal band Charm Charm Chu explain album cover

Charm Charm Chu

Hong Kong thrash metal band Charm Charm Chu on the eve of releasing their debut album have provided an explanation to their cover artwork:

charm charm chu


“Majestic Brewing Order has one message that we want to deliver. Long story short, the pig symbolizes state capitalism while the beer tank symbolizes the Dongjiang’s water in China. The uncanny black comedy cover art presents the pig leader has full authority on ruling the country with the Majestic Brewing Order; all the citizens are forced to drink beer. Similarly, It reflects the real situation in Hong Kong: The money spent on Dongjiang’s water are sufficient to build desalination plant to supply drinking water to Hong Kong citizens. However, because of political reasons and the benefits of transfer among the capitalists, there are a lot of oppositions arise. Eventually, Chinese Government enforced Hong Kong Government to buy the Dongjiang’s water. We, the citizen, are enforced to pay for the Dongjiang’s water. This issue is revealed under 2009 wiki leaks document (ref: https://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/…), and nowadays the situation continues and no one gives a shit. As a result, the depiction of Majestic Brewing Order could be a direct accusation of state capitalism in Dongjiang’s water.”

More info on the band here: https://www.facebook.com/charmcharmchu

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