Hong Kong Solo Acts Scriptvre and Kasa Drop Collab Track ‘Flowers to Chains’ [Hong Kong]

‘Flowers to Chains’ is a collaborative track by Hong Kong solo acts SCRIPTVRE and KASA. It is a song about toxic relationships and gaslighting.

KASA – “Making music with Naseem (SCRIPTVRE) is incredibly fun. He’s one seriously talented guy and he has inspired me to make more music. I think he’s proven that if you have the talent and resources to create your own music, you just have to go for it and not be afraid of judgment. This is the beginning of us taking things to the ‘next level’ so stay tuned for more collab tracks by us.”

SCRIPTVRE – “At some point on my musical journey I started asking the question ‘What if..?’ And at some point, I got sick of wondering and decided to just do whatever I’m inspired to do. I’m glad that Kenta is one of those people who genuinely love music and embraces all the possibilities with an open mind. He brings something unique into every track he’s on and I’m ecstatic to work on more music with him and my brother Shaun, who’s on drums for most of the SCRIPTVRE tracks. It’s also been an amazing journey adjusting to my new role as a composer rather than just a vocalist. SCRIPTVRE will be playing live on Dec 9, don’t miss it.”


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