Hong Kong Punk Band David Boring Release New Single/Music Video

One of Hong Kong’s fiercest forward thinking acts who combine a whole barrage of sonic landscapes from noise, electronics, post-punk, and an overall punk rock “we don’t conform to anything” attitude – whenever David Boring release something new, you should sit up and listen.

“Jane Pain serves as a confessional/ investigative piece representing the banal tragedy familiar to many – the development of a destructive coping mechanism as a response to a profound existential anxiety, and the unwitting succumbence to a repressed existence. The title “Jane Pain” is a reference to two existing entities which both happened to be full names : 1) Jane Doe – a term often used to refer to a hypothetical “everyman”, or a corpse whose identity is unknown or unconfirmed, and 2) A female counterpart to Brian Emo – another character study appeared in “Unnatural Objects and Their Humans”.

DB’s “Their Humans” is a series of case studies with the intention of documenting and understanding the perverse banality of modern youth (not) surviving their cruel harsh world.

The video can be read in two-folds; 1) A found footage, murder mystery style tale on revenge/ cause and effect 2) The setting and plot development serve as an allegory to the protagonist’s mental state – a tribute to Gothic literature*(1). The video also celebrates the unsettling beauty of the macabre, the complex apprehension of the depraved, the joys of extreme (repressed) emotions, the indulgence of fearfulness, and an appreciation for atmosphere. In line with the band’s established philosophy and aesthetics, the song aims to invoke emotions that are not commonly desirable, as a mean to commence the thrills and awe inherent in the sublime.

*(1) One of Gothic literature’s key features is the psychological trappings in relation to the setting, e.g. if a character was in a maze-like mansion, a connection was made to the maze that represents their minds”


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