Hong Kong Metal Legends EVOCATION Drop Long Awaited New Album ‘Kalpa’

Hong Kong metal legends EVOCATION is easily our favorite band from this little enclave in the South China Sea. The band has been actively reinventing what metal with Asian elements can sound like since back in 2002 when they originally formed. Regardless of lineup changes, the band has been consistent in its overall mantra to create quality music at their own pace and under their own vision with whatever the fuck elements they want to add. For example, to no true fans surprise, when the band added layers upon layers of atmospheric elements to the sound – it only further elevated the overall impact upon the listener catapulting the band into the hearts of Asian metalheads. If you haven’t heard this band yet, listen and watch this excellently produced music video:

This track is off the band’s second full length ‘天靈靈地靈靈’:

And then check out the track ‘Sky Burial’ off their last full length ‘奠’:

Here’s that full length in its entirety:

The band is now back with a brand new album entitled ‘Kalpa’ 6 years after ‘奠’. According to the band’s write-up: “”Kalpa” chronicles our profound perception of the earthly journey that Hong Kong traversed from 2019 to 2023. This album encapsulates our deep contemplation and emotional resonance with this transformative period, seeking to forge a connection with all those who lived through it. While we acknowledge our limitations in altering reality, we steadfastly believe in the redemptive and unifying potential of music. We wholeheartedly express our gratitude to the dedicated fans who have stood by our side as Evocation, navigating the trials and tribulations of this era together.”

And what a fucking journey this band has been on…for the rest of us residing outside of Hong Kong, we will all need to wait a bit longer before the band makes their record available digitally. But if you’re into truly supporting the band, you can hit them up directly to grab their album on CD format available RIGHT FUCKING NOW. Hit them up HERE. For now, check out a little album trailer below and the outro track from the album streaming below.

Evocation Rules.


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