Hong Kong Legends LMF Team Up With HK Record Store White Noise For Exclusive Release

Hong Kong legends LMF have teamed up with newly reopened record store White Noise Records for the second vinyl pressing of their latest EP. Not only is this a repress, but White Noise Records also gets the exclusive RED version of the LP! Even the cover was redone! Look at how sick it looks…

Do you understand how significant this amazing act by LMF is not only for White Noise but for Hong Kong record stores in general? By doing this the band is letting the public know that they STILL think record stores are the lifeblood of any worldwide music community. Even though these days the world lives, interacts and shops almost exclusively online, they remember that record stores were and are an essential part of music. The roots of all of us falling in love with music can almost always be traced back to those moments we walked into stores as wide-eyed young kids immediately submerging ourselves in this aspect of music. Flipping through records, CD’s, cassettes, listening to music on the shop speakers, flipping through pages of music magazines, and of course, getting into conversations about records and bands with the shop owners or other patrons. We didn’t have the comments section of social media to have these discussions, we actually had to do it in person. So to see LMF go out of their way to support White Noise Records in this manner speaks VOLUMES about what is important to them as a band.


Photo Credit: Yuen Chi Chung

White Noise Records had this to say about the release:

“We are honored to be part of it! HK legendary local hip Hop collective LMF (Lazy Mutha Fucka) will repress their latest EP (the first press was only available at their last concert which sold out immediately) with new artwork and color. This vinyl will be available exclusively at White Noise Records in May.”

To grab your copy now – you can pre-order it directly at https://www.facebook.com/WhiteNoiseRec/

Below check out an insane LMF 20 year anniversary documentary video released by Hypebeast, and then further below check out White Noise Records owner Gary as he explains the new location, the history of White Noise Records, and his thoughts about record stores in Hong Kong. He even mentions that now that his store is actually on the ground floor (VERY rare in Hong Kong) he even gets random passersby walk in and say “Do people still buy records? To people still buy vinyl?” “咩 – 仲有人聽黑膠嘅咩?”. Yes – US!

When two awesome things come together like this…warms our jaded hearts.

Go check out White Noise Records at the following address:
G/F, 199 Tai Nan Street
Sham Shui Po

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