HK death metal legends Evocation guitar play through video

Super rad to see Asian dudes falling so in love with Asian bands that more and more of them are doing “play through” videos for Asian bands that they’re in love with.

Here’s a dope guitar play through video for a Hong Kong death metal band called Evocation who a couple years released one of the best metal albums EVER from a Hong Kong metal band called ?????? (“Abracadabra” in Chinese). The album instantly became a local classic and it’s great to see it still being so widely acclaimed and respected a few years after the fact.

Enjoy the play through video below but make sure to enjoy EVERYTHING that Evocation has put out…they’re fucking amazing – and their new album (I’ve already heard 2 demos from it 🙂 is going to raise the profile of this band to stratospheric levels. Mark my words.

Here’s the official Evocation youtube channel for all their videos:

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