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Thank you so much for all the love and support you’ve been giving this website over the past couple of months since it’s been up and running! The amount of times articles get shared is astounding and certainly continues to energize me every day to keep putting up new articles and introducing new bands and contacting bands to see if we can grab their songs from EP/records that we can premiere on the site.

So please KEEP submitting your band or event/tour/show’s news to our site! If you have been reading up on this website you know that we really post about almost ANY type of band or music coming out of Asia. Yes, we do tend to focus on heavy music more but just like anyone that has been involved with “emo” or indie-rock in some form or another would be able to tell you that a lot of that type of music actually came out of the world of punk rock and hardcore – so we’re all one big happy family anyway!

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Thanks for the support and thank you to all of you who keep sharing this website amongst your friends and your supporters worldwide!


PS: Remember to download the track Unite Asia for FREE that features 7 vocalists of Asian hardcore bands!

PPS: If you’re around the following cities – make sure to come out and say hello to me! I am the singer of the band King Ly Chee and we’ll be touring Asia from June 12 to June 21. The dates are in the flyer below!

Asian Tour 2015

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