Hell Yeah – Check Out Fierce Political Punk Rock Act The Exsenadors On Fiery New Album

After the release of their self-titled full-length album in 2013, The Exsenadors is back with their newest offering. This latest record is a collection of 4 years’ worth of work as the band progressed and matured in the political struggle and the punk scene in the Philippines.

The album contains 11 songs — mostly regarding criticisms against the fascist Duterte regime and the call to the people to act and mobilize and effect genuine social change.

“dead bodies on the dark street corner
the bloodshed continues and who’s giving the order?
don’t talk to cops, don’t even bother
cause you might be the next to be slaughtered

planting evidence to the chosen one
your name could be crossed out just for fun
what you gonna do? you gotta run?
the cop is ready to draw his fucking gun”

– Dead Bodies

The album is also a dive further of the band’s sound towards hardcore punk and infusing other musical influences of individual members.

Check out this killer review in The Flying Lugaw:

“The album is surprisingly a mixed bag, containing half experimental ambient/field recordings and half circle-pit generating hardcore. At one side, voice clips of higher positioned generals and fascists drown out the noise in “Basta Hard” while “Doro Nightmares” recites the names of the casualties affected by the administration’s massacre. While on the other side of this spectrum, The Exsenadors leap higher to catch all pesky punk fence-sitters through and through; “Every Good Comrade Detests Bureaucratism/The Tide” transitions seamlessly to a much harder pavement to stomp on while grooving along. “Sa Dilim At Putik” makes it clear that the true enemies are the military. Luckily, these songs don’t bloat themselves with left and right riffages and kicks. It instead helps blow the palace to smithereens with their healthy balance of battle scars and sonic rage.

Overall, these songs achieved the ideal goal of punk music today; standing in solidarity with the peasants and the working class with keen precision and technicality. It’s classic ferocious punk energy riddled with experimental palette cleansers that tell a narrative in between its pumping hooks.”

The full-length is out on cassette formats by Struggle Records and Mutilated Noise.

The band just added, “Pay-what-you-can, folks, but please do consider donating. Donations will go to organizations, movements, and causes we support.”


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