From the hardcore/grindcore underground to MC’s – check out Emcee Nautilus & Polymath

From the hardcore/grindcore underground to MC’s – check out Emcee Nautilus & Polymath

In the past week two notable members of the global hardcore/grindcore underground community have released music under the hip-hop pseudonyms. Both members being highly talented and creative it only makes sense that these individuals dabble in all aspects of music/arts that molded the people they are today.

Our first mammoth MC comes from the world of desi underground – none other then the vocalist of Pakistani grindcore band Multinational Corporations who goes by the name Polymath in a collective called Daranti Group.

Regarding the group, he states:

“Daranti Group is a hip-hop collective formed in 2016 by MC’s based in different parts of Pakistan. An antithesis to the generic commercial rap dominating their country, Daranti Group is influenced by the boom-bap sounds of old school east coast hip-hop, complimented with some relevant influences from other localities & eras. The crew comprises 3 MC’s – Jamal Alvi, Polymath & Haivaan, rapping both in their native tongues as well as in English.

Been listening to hip hop for a long time, was sick of the bullshit going on in Pakistan and simultaneously inspired by the rap scene in India. So got my friend from the metal scene (Haivaan) together with an old rap scene veteran (Jamal Alvi) and got this crew running.”

Check out their debut release below:

The second MC that we just gots to bring to your attention is the vocalist of NYC based straight edge hardcore band Passage. Our brother here goes by the name Emcee Nautilus and he provided us with the following background:

“Latest effort from Emcee Nautilus, ex-Hutong Fist, member of New York Based benevolentXmachine/Passage/Known Universe crew, in collaboration with Philadelphia based Wino Willy from Stillwater China Productions.

Having been nurtured in the Vegan Straight Edge Hardcore scene and Hip Hop culture for over a decade, Nautilus is able to find common ground in which to bring both worlds into their work, as well as recognize the unique histories of each movement. Fronting hardcore bands, writing hardcore music, taking part in organizing DIY shows informs the way Nautilus approaches performing and writing rhymes, and the diversity of people that are involved in these cultures, whether it be at the bboy/bgirl battles, basement shows, DJ park cipher, or screen printing shop, give a glimpse at the myriad of expressions that youth and underground cultures can foster.

Touching upon themes of deep history, US based political violence, and ecology, the Different Eyes EP hopes to channel energy away from nihilism and towards recognizing root problems and creating infrastructure for a better world.

Catch Wino on their soundcloud at

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