Hardcore punk powerhouse Standfree release track from upcoming 3 way split [Indonesia]

Hardcore punk powerhouse Standfree have released a track from their upcoming 3 way split CD [Indonesia]. Check out them vocals on this thing! KILLIN’ IT! The three way split record will be released by Bloods Records and Deadman Records.

We spoke to Standfree’s bassist Andri real quick for some quick info on this release.

What’s up Andri! Tell us about this split record? How did it come together?
A while back we met this new blood hardcore band called Take The Risk. So we talked about doing a split record together but after we met the peeps behind Bloods Records we ended up adding a third band Tigerwork to the project.


Oh this was originally supposed to only be you guys and Take The Risk? Tigerwork is sick too though! So how did you get in contact with Bloods Records?
Yup just Standfree and Take The Risk. But as we were thinking about who to help us put this out we contacted Bloods Records because not only are they a good label but they’re super active in constantly releasing records. I contacted Parto (of Outright who runs Bloods Records) and it was on.

Parto the drummer of Outright?
Yup him. The one and only.

Yeah good guy! I like him! How many songs is each band putting on the split?
4 songs each. For those who aren’t familiar Tigerwork is a more Terror/Hatebreed sounding band, Take The Risk sounds like Champion/Comeback Kid and then you got us.

When is the CD coming out?

So once the CD is out are their any plans for tours together to promote the release?
Yes we’ll be doing 5 or 6 stops in Java Bali in July.

Any last words.
Keep the faith!

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