Hardcore Punk Bands The Animal That Therefore I Am and Katastrov Release Split EP

The Animal That Therefore I Am and Katastrov are hardcore-punk bands from Bandung, Indonesia have released a split EP entitled SVBALTERN consisting of 5 songs.

“We released a split EP entitled Svbaltern in Digital, Cassette and CD formats, which we distributed free of charge as our contribution to underground music and socio-political movements. Therefore, we release this Split EP as our effort to respond to the socio-political situation that has occurred in Indonesia in recent years. We realize that what we do will not contribute much to social change, because for us, music is not an engine of social change, but only as a medium of expression that reflects the things that happen in everyday life.

Anxiety, our anger over the socio-political events that occurred in our country such as changes, both in structural and cultural form, both in the name of the state and religion, became the background for the birth of Svbaltern. Therefore, Svbaltern is a symbol of resistance to all forms of repressive systems.

Our song material, especially in this Split EP, is a reflection of the situation, which we think is still relevant to the existing socio-political reality. That is the beginning or background of this released EP which we named Svbaltern. The term subaltern itself refers to a society that is socially, politically, and geographically located outside the hegemonic power structure of the colony and the colonial homeland. The word subaltern was coined by Antonio Gramsci in his writings on cultural hegemony. Gramsci identified this isolated community group from existing community institutions and had no way to speak out.”

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