Hardcore Punk Band Taruk Hold Nothing Back on Debut Album [Indonesia]

Taruk, Indonesian hardcore punk/metal from Bandung, Indonesia, has just released their debut album ‘Bara dalam Lebam’ on Grimloc Records. A blast-beat-heavy track off the album is streaming below.

The band has been putting in time creating the 10 tracks that make up ‘Bara dalam Lebam’ since 2019 and shows a dramatic manner of growth when compared to their debut EP ‘Sumpal’.

“We play around with a variety of genres, personal preferences, and anything that seems appealing to reason. Apart from the general hardcore punk norm, we present classic metal riffs, post-punk beats, gloomy violin incisions, and so on,” said guitarist Bobby Agung Prasetyo. The music can range from the speed and aggression of DS-13, From Ashes Rise, and Baptists, the darkness of riffs by black metal legends Dissection, to the neo-crust atmosphere of Fall of Efrafa, the groove of death n roll Entombed, the abrasive Palm and Converge, and even a dash of Motley Crue rage.

You can pick up the record HERE.


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