Hardcore Punk Band Half Years Release Discography [Japan]

“This discography looks back at more than 30 years of history in JAPANESE HARDCORE. HALF YEARS, comprised of ZIGYAKU(自虐), from bands like GUDON (愚鈍), SYSTEMATIC DEATH, BASTARD, JUDGEMENT; and MOTSU, from CHICKEN BOWELS known for their release Keep Our Fire Burning and their feature on the compilation My Meat’s Your Poison;  played and disbanded in the span of half a year.

12 songs recorded in three releases mastered by MOTSU himself decorate this release. From the vivid 7″ POWER!, which many bands still pay homage to, and the hall of fame of HANG THE SUCKER VOL.1 and HANG THE SUCKER VOL.2, needless to say, their sound is solid gold. This release retains the original atmosphere with a breath of fresh air through the original tapes recorded on POWER!.”

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