Hardcore Punk Band The Geeks To Re-Release Covers Record Vol. 1 [South Korea]

South Korean hardcore band The Geeks have announced that their long out-of-print ‘Always Classics Vol. 1’ covers record is being re-released on cassette format by Indonesian hardcore label Samstrong Records. The record, which was originally released in 2010, contains 5 cover songs of legendary tracks by the Misfits, Black Flag, Bad Brains, and Minor Threat. We’ve been following this band for so damn long and we’re shocked that we’ve never heard this release! Hahahaha…Vol. 2 which was released in 2014 is still streaming on The Geeks’ Bandcamp page (streaming below).

According to Jun, the guitarist, “In 2018, we got a message from Samstrong Records about touring Indonesia. We couldn’t join the tour because we were preoccupied back then, but I already had a few albums from Samstrong, so I always kept it in my mind. And in January this year I got another message from Samstrong. They wanted to release an Indonesian version of “Bong re:rides again” which was released in Germany. But it couldn’t happen due to other circumstances.

We’ve always wanted to release an album in Indonesia because we get a lot of support from Indonesia. And we were recording a new covers EP anyway so we thought this was the right moment to release this on Samstrong. But the recording got delayed becuase of COVID, therefore we decided to re-release our existing covers album instead. And everything worked out smoothly since then.”


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