Hardcore Punk Band Gaiwaer Return With New Single Screaming Their Disgust [China]

It is always always important you don’t generalize an entire country full of people because of the way their gov acts.

Enter Chengdu hardcore band Gaiwaer who have just dropped this fucking BOMB ass new single ‘為什麼我寫不出快樂的歌 Why Can’t I Write a Happy Song’. Let’s get the music first, because lyrically and what this song is about is so much more important (as it should be in hardcore). If you’re a fan of straight ahead in your face hardcore punk with some melody (think Comeback Kid) then this is your jam. The cool thing about this particular track is that little beatdown-esque break the band added to this – they’ve been around for a minute, so to see a band continue to be open to new ideas is what makes their music fresh.

Now let’s get to the good stuff straight from the band themselves:

“These two years have been the worst. What we intended to do with this song was write something happy, something positive. We really tried hard to do that but what ended up coming out was bitterness and hatred. We racked our brains wondering why we ended up going down this road again, but ultimately we decided that if this is where our hearts are leading us – we just gotta follow it. We hope that through listening to something like this, hardcore kids can find a way out and one day we’ll be able to write a happy song.

The song itself is about our lives here in China through the pandemic. I am utterly disgusted by the stupid words of the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs who said something along the lines of “During this pandemic, if you live in China you can live a life of fun” and “Through this pandemic, the public approval of the government’s actions is 98%”. These are all lies! This cannot be further from the truth!”



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