Hardcore Punk Band Culture of Complain Release Debut Recordings [Dubai]

Dubai based hardcore band Culture of Complain have released debut live recordings of their material. The band also sent in this massive write up:

“Much has happened in the last three quarters of 2020 and we’re almost at the end of this year staring nonchalantly at monthly global flavor on newsfeed article published as half-truths on the web.

Culture of Complain is literally what the name implies – a culture that complains to whatever that stirs our irk. But we could not just rant and sulk at things that we cannot control- politics, police brutality, racial discrimination and bigotry, shaky global economy, mental health, and the likes. Come Covid-19 pandemic and everything got magnified to a palpable degree. So we make fun and face the adversity with a smirk!

Influenced by homies who strive to reinvent and mold what they’re inclined to express to their own vision of beauty. At times it may not be perfect but it is what it is as long as there is progress, laughter and booze shared than it probably is.

The first track “Holidays” talks about politicians and goody-two-shoes religious pomps who tries to act all holy and clean during the Yuletide season to whitewash their under-the-table dirt. Sarcasm plays a big chunk line per line as riffs and drum beats furiously in the background.

“Meme” sounds like Captain Planet’s summoning chant. We only saw the words from a meme post on a Facebook page and arranged it until it danced by itself. Hence, the playful first part and was followed by an ascending tempo, more aggressive second and third part. It’s a hymn dedicated to our beloved President.

Lastly, “Subversive Song”. Simply addressing the toxic side of being subservient to succumb to the overtime-without-pay system shouldered by meek employees and imposed by ruthless skanks. We hope to encourage the latter to speak up and be firm to the former to exercise equal work privilege. Trying times, we should own whatever job we retain and it’s always the right time to try to exploit someone for personal gain. Business is business and acting like a monkey is legal unless proven otherwise. As for us, being cunningly humane is enough, and getting angry at such a flaw is normal.

Got a handful of tracks in the queue for proper jamming and we’re planning to nail a 4-track demo, or if we’re being too ambitious then a 6-track EP would be so swell in the near future.”

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