Hardcore Punk Act Sick Burn Release Split 7″ [USA]

“BURN THESE SICK BASTARDS” is a new split 7″ featuring hardcore punks Sick Burn (Sacramento, CA) and These Bastards (San Francisco, CA) co-released by Alimentary Music, Monkey King Records, and Thrashtapes. Sick Burn features a Nepali-American guitarist and a Chinese-American bassist.

Sick Burn plays a manic form of fastcore/thrash inspired heavily by the fury of 80’s USHC but also the fun-loving weirdness of Japanese hardcore bands like Jellyroll Rockheads and Flipout A.A. At the end of 2019, the band embarked on a short tour of Japan with scene stalwarts Crucial Section, who also released Sick Burn’s first full-length “A Grand Exclamation of GO!-ing” on their label Crew For Life Records.

Upon returning to California, the band played a handful of local shows (one opening for the Avengers and TSOL) before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down all music venues in California. Sick Burn and These Bastards played a show together on March 13, 2020, the very last night before the shutdown was announced. At that show, the bands talked about putting out a split record together–not knowing there wouldn’t be any more shows in our state for over a year. This record is our pandemic-year joint project, available almost exactly one year later.

“Burn These Sick Bastards” features all unreleased material by both bands recorded during the pandemic. Both bands can’t wait to play live again, whenever it’s safe.


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