Hardcore Bands Who Have Something to Say Are The Best – Speed Release Cool Mini Doc [Aus]

Australian hardcore band Speed have just released their highly anticipated EP entitled ‘Gang Called Speed’ and have included a sick mini-doc about the band’s formation and what they’re all about. “It was not meant to be an Asian band. I never want it to be tokenized. Speed is an Australian band that has Asian members. The whole Australian experience is that it’s multicultural, it’s a diverse experience.”

Big up to EST Media for releasing this amazing doc to only further cement how important this band is to the WORLDWIDE hardcore community.

“Jem elbowed his way into the hardcore music scene with a face and attitude that Australia had never seen. He recruited Sydney’s hardest Asian men – his brother Aaron, Dennis on guitar, Kane on drums, and his best friend Josh – and formed SPEED.

The band was struck by the love it received once the music video dropped. The Sydney Hardcore scene took notice, but more unexpectedly the Asian community resonated with their music. With the rise of Asian hate crimes around the globe, SPEED mirrored how Asians felt. Their music became a calling card for Asians to get involved in the Hardcore scene or even start their own band to relinquish their untapped energy.

The outcome? Everything good from multicultural Sydney, including street culture, fashion, Hip Hip, tattoos, and hard Asian men.”

Go get into it!


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