Hardcore Band RUSTED Drop Brilliant Face Smashing Debut Album [Malaysia]

Goddamn…it’s hard to believe that a band who have just delivered a phenomenally written heavy hardcore record only formed in 2022! But here we are being blown away by Malaysian hardcore band RUSTED on their insane debut album chock-full of heavy riffs that are groove-based and written for mass destruction in pits all over the planet. The band states, “We released our first demo back in March 2022 and are heavily influenced by bands like Judiciary, Guilt Trip, and Knocked Loose. But our music is a combination of hardcore and non-hardcore elements.”

Of course we had to hit them up about the full length itself – this frickin breathtaking collection of killer music.

“The album immerses listeners in a world of intense emotions and raw energy. With its thundering guitar riffs, aggressive drumming, and screaming vocals, the album explores themes of inner anger the injustice happening in the world, and the struggle of addiction. The lyrics delve into personal anger and societal critiques, often using metaphors of darkness and chaos to convey a sense of unease.”

And on the artwork…”This was made by @syarifshukri a friend of ours. It features a striking image of a blood-red sky over an uneasy landscape. In the foreground, a lone figure stands, a torturer. The sky is adorned with swirling clouds that resemble both fire and smoke, creating an atmosphere of impending doom. Overall, this artwork portrays the anger and hatred of a person.”

Enough reading – go blast this shit and start spin-kicking your house into oblivion.


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