Hard Rock Act Karakoram Release Music and New Album [Pakistan]

Pakistani hard rock act Karakoram have released a music video for a track entitled ‘Bekhudi’ off their recently released album ‘Ailaan-e-Jang’ – also streaming below. The track in particular harks back to the early 90’s of grunge bands with hints of Pearl Jam, Nirvana but also the “hey’s” themselves have a 80’s style hard rock/glam metal vibe.

Check out the full write up below:

“Karakoram is out with their debut album titled “Ailaan-e-Jang” (literal English translation, War Cry), a compilation of 9 compositions released on 21st February 2021 produced by Zulfiqar J. Khan and released by Rearts Records. The band is known for the progressive alternative rock melodies, lyrical prowess and heavy orchestral wall of sound. The group led by Sherry Khattak on vocals, Omair Farooq on bass, Bilawal Lahooti on drums alongside seasoned guitar maestros Zain Peerzada and Annan Noukhez. Karakoram made their mark in the Pakistan music industry with the release of their debut track Toofaan, also featured in this album, followed by a stellar release of singles Fanaa and Raasta, with the latter being featured in the album.

The band came into the highlight with mesmerizing performances at the Nescafe Basement in 2018 and has since received critical acclaim and applause across Pakistan. Last year, Karakoram released a four-track EP titled “Ibtida” (literal English translation, Inception) in October 2020.

In an exclusive interview with Unite Asia, Sherry Khattak said, “this album is an epitome of rock music, having being produced by Zulfiqar J. Khan (better know as Xulfi), and is a mix of progressive tones, heavy riffs, crafted vocal ranges, and a sound experience for our listeners”. Whereas, according to Omair Farooq, “we worked tirelessly day and night for this album, it was a soulful experience for me and I strongly hope we are able to connect to our listeners through our music”.

Karakoram debut album kicks off with Ailaan-e-Jang, an aggressive yet beautifully arranged composition with progressive vocals and melodies. This is followed by the track Bhoolay (Forgotten), a soulful orchestrated experience that is “a reflection to life” as quoted by Zain Peerzada. The third and fourth tracks Kal Nahi (No Tomorrow) is a power-struck single with rawness, whereas Raasta (Path) holds a calming expression. Next in line are Bekhudi (Trance) and Toofaan (Storm), which give a wide range of emotions and showcases the versatility of the band. Ruk Ja (Stay) portraits a different dimension of the South Asian progressive sound and as Bilawal Lahooti, explains, “it gives you the chills”. Andhera (Darkness), the second last track of the album, is a pure lyrical genius, and as Annan Noukhez says it is “an anthem for rockheads”! AND finally, Alvida (The Last Farewell), the final track, completes the entirety of the album in an intimating and enthralling sound leading to a perfect end to the story of Karakoram’s debut album Ailaan-e-Jang.

One of the most awaited and the most well-sorted album of the year coming out of Pakistan, “Ailaan-e-Jang” is the story of Karakoram, a journey that began in 2018. The album brings a new scope of sound to the Asian music scene and is a must-listen for all rock lovers out there!”


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