Happy New Year All! Go Bang Your Heads To a New REBEL RIOT Track! [Myanmar]

YOOOOOOOOO!!! Happy new year everyone! We’re coming at you from Dubai where we’ve spent the last few days with family enjoying the sights and sounds of this crazy CRAZY city!

Today though – it’s time to start 2024 with a BANG with a BANGIN’ new track called ‘To…Dear Comrade” by one of our favorite Asian punk bands – Myanmar’s very own THE REBEL RIOT.

This is what the band has to say about the new track…how can you not fully champion the bravery of this band!??!?!

“Happy New Year Comrades!!

With the new year of 2024, we’ve uploaded a small video clip of our tribute to the anti-fascist movement worldwide, for those who are fighting against the fascism, including Myanmar.

The name of this song is called “To….Dear Comrade” and it’s the title track of our upcoming album. The idea behind creating this song is to remind that some of our comrades has became fascists themselves while fighting against the fascist system. Sometimes in the revolution, we become evil ourselves before we even notice. We want a new world. We want a new society. Then we have to tear down the existing toxic society and build a new one. If you are not careful at that time, there have been examples in history of people becoming fascists themselves while opposing the fascists.To prevent these things from happening, we are participating in the anti-fascist movement with this song.

It also represents the unity of the comrades. Let’s march for the new world that we’ve all wanted with this new year.

In Solidarity”


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