Guitarist of Taiwanese Hardcore Band Deadpan Launches New Zine – Motions Lounge

If you follow the current trends, we are in a pretty cool cycle of the world where it seems EVERYONE is into having something tangible again. For a long ass period (felt like an eternity) everyone was more than happy having digital versions of everything to the point that if you were STILL releasing a physical copy people would look at you and say “Who the hell still buys that?” As vinyl sales have shown, we have clearly back to a time when people want something in their hands again. Records are selling again, cassettes are back, (CDs are maybe on the way back? Not quite sure about that), but the coolest out of all these things that are returning – is the art of the “zine”.

We will always make room to celebrate and help promote the release of any zine anywhere on this planet so make sure to send that info to us asap.

Today we’re stoked to announce that our friend Scott of killer Taiwanese hardcore band Deadpan has released the first issue of his brand new zine called Motions Lounge. You know we hit him up (we’re always excited to help celebrate our friends in any creative endeavors)!

UA: Congrats on the zine! Can you tell us a little about it?
Scott: So it’s a zine about “capturing motions” of people at shows. It could be from just nodding along to the music to moshing or whatever you’re doing to help support a scene.
UA: Motions Lounge is a dope name for the zine!
Scott: The name was inspired by Lyricist Lounge from the early 90s New York hip-hop scene. What it’s about is that no matter how big of a label you’re signed to or if you’re a megastar to just a street poet, they were all ready to freestyle battle with a mic in hand showing the purest love for the culture of hip-hop.
UA: And what are you trying to do with the zine?
Scott: Instead of sharing music from the US or talking about how people got into hardcore, I want to put a spotlight on my friends and the amazing things they’re doing here.
UA: What’s going on in the first issue.
Scott: In the first issue I’ve interviewed Tina the vocalist of Spit. Spit’s about to drop their debut album and we’re all SO excited about it here! [Editor’s Note: We released a full review of the album last week which you can read HERE.] I also interview Taiwanese new blood Flinn and my old dog Winston, vocalist of Defeat the Giant.

Scott is down to get you all copies of the zine so hit him up on Motions Lounge’s IG:

If you’re in Taiwan this weekend, hit up Defeat The Giant’s show and grab a copy right from Scott himself!

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