Grindcore band Creative Waste from Saudi Arabia

Our buddy Hassan Dozakhi of Eternal Abhorrence fame posted the following on his Facebook page regarding VICE’s article about a Saudi Arabian metal band Al Namrood:

“A lot is being said about the recent Vice report on the Black Metal bands in Saudi Arabia. I have no opinion, as it’s hard to say how much news is exagerrated due to certain exotifications of Muslim-majority states. But here’s an interview of one of my favorite grind bands, Creative Waste from Saudi Arabia, done by Obscene Extreme Festival.”

Since we’re all about promoting our fellow heavy music brethren from all over Asia – we’re putting up that first interview that he talked about…and since this band is considered the “first” grindcore band in Saudi Arabia, it’s important to pay our respects. Check them out in the interview below, listen to the music below and then support them on their Facebook! Let our brothers out there in Saudi Arabia know that we’re here for them!

Facebook page:

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