Gary’s Top 10 Asian Releases of 2015 (Owner of White Noise Records)


Gary’s Top 10 Asian Releases of 2015
White Noise Records


Not to sound cheesy or paint a rather grim picture of Hong Kong, but it’s not the easiest place in the world to follow your passion or dream. For people to fall in love with something that is uncommercial and non-mainstream, and then to be able to survive off of it without conforming to the norms of any given commercial society, these people who are able to do this are my ultimate heroes.

Gary of White Noise Records/Shop in Hong Kong is one of those individuals who for over 10 years has put his life on the line in order for him to do the thing that he loves best…this dude is a local connoisseur of post-rock/indie music having run his wildly respected Hong Kong store White Noise Records through thick and thin (he has had to pack up and move stores several times because of rent increases. Instead of closing up shop forever, he just keeps moving throwing a massive fuck you sign to Hong Kong each time he reopens his store somewhere else).

He is our last of the people we’ve invited to give us their top 10 favorite Asian releases of 2015.

We love this guy and everything he does for the music he loves. Find out more about Gary and White Noise Records at the link above!

Artist: Fjordne
Title: Fjordne – Moonlit Invocations
Label: White Paddy Mountain

Artist: toe
Label: White Noise

Artist: Suchmos
Title: The Bay
Label: Space Shower

Artist: envy
Title: Atheist’s Cornea
Label: Temporary Residence

Artist: rito
Title: trivial agony
Label: Rawcalorie

Artist: Mouse On The Keys
Title: the flowers of romance
Label: White Noise

Artist: Phew
Title: New World Felicity

Artist: Dirgahayu
Title: Commemorate
Label: Soundscape

Artist: Noah
Title: Sivutie
Label: Flau

Artist: Hanging Up The Moon
Title: Immaterial
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