Fuck Canto-pop! THIS is Hong Kong. Pave the Path from Hong Kong unleash mammoth track.

Pave the Path

Sorry everyone – the only way I can start this post is by some Cantonese profanity ???! This shit is such a great slap in the face to the only form of music from Hong Kong that the world (unfortunately) only knows about – that garbage called Canto pop. The type of music that is devoid of any art and certainly soul. Now, that is quite a wide brush that I just destroyed Canto pop with – I certainly know that there are some Canto-pop artists out there who do sing and create this type of music with a lot of heart and when they open their mouths the most talented soulful vocals do come out – BUT, these artists are in the minority. The majority of Canto-pop that rules Hong Kong is shit.

This massive introduction is completely inspired by the song that you are about to hear down below…

This is a brand new melodic death metal band from Hong Kong called Pave the Path and goddamn, what a debut! The track comes blistering in with a massive blast beat intro and doesn’t let up once the vocalist, Eli, gets on the mic going from screeching high screams to guttural lows. THIS is what I wished people knew about Hong Kong – that though the mainstream world only revolves around the most mundane and uncreative world of Canto-pop, Hong Kong’s underground has a HUGE variety of bands who dabble in all sorts of genres of music PROVING Hong Kong clearly has substance. Unfortunately, you have to search deep to be able to find any of this.

Thank you to Pave the Path and all the other underground Hong Kong bands that are doing what they’re doing, and by doing just this, give a massive FUCK YOU to the mainstream world of Hong Kong.

GET INTO IT: https://www.facebook.com/pavethepathofficial/?fref=ts

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